How to find an ePayroll Service

Find an ePayroll service that offers online payroll management can be difficult.  It is best to go with a well known company that is known for financial integrity.  Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, is a great option for ePayroll service.  This is especially true if you use QuickBooks for your bookkeeping as the records will easily sync with your bookkeeping.

Some other online payroll services in addition to Intuit I have found are ADP, MyPayrollHR, Onpay, Paychex, PayUSA, ProPayroll, and SurePayroll.  All of these offer tax filing services for local, state, and federal taxes.  They also all integrate with QuickBooks.  MyPayrollHR along with Intuit standout in that they also integrate with many other bookkeeping softwares including Quicken, QuickBooks Online, Peachtree, MS Money, and ATX.  

According to reviews, the easiest ePayroll service to use are Intuit, Onpay, Paychex, and SurePayroll with ProPayroll coming up in a close second.  Intuit, Onpay, ProPayroll, and SurePayroll provide a choose of direct deposit, allowing you to print checks yourself, and allowing your employees to view their payroll information online.  Paychex, however, does not offer these features but instead only offers the option to pay by checks which they write and forward to you to distribute which is an option SurePayroll and ProPayroll offer as well.  All this being said, the standouts seem to be Intuit, SurePayroll and ProPayroll.

Another way to find an ePayroll service is to check with your bank.  Many banks, especially the bigger ones, offer payroll services with online features.  You can also use online search engines to search for other online payroll options.