ePayroll can save your business money, time and hassle.  By exporting the management of your payroll to an online payroll service you no longer have to deal with the logistics of paying your employees.  Furthermore, you can stop wasting paper by writing checks and you do not have to keep signing all those checks.

Online payroll services can vary in depth from complete management of every aspect of payroll to simply providing an electronic ACH option to directly deposit employees pay in their checking accounts.  Full service ePayroll options provide direct deposit, online records like W-2s, online payslip records, and professional ensure compliance with payroll taxes and tax filing.

One of the best benefits of having a 3rd party manage your payroll is no longer having to research and calculate payroll taxes.  You no longer have to worry about making mistakes on child support, withholding or taxes.  Social security and medicare tax laws continue to change, and quarterly filing can take a lot of time.  Many ePayroll services guarantee that your taxes will be properly withheld, paid, and filed.  They advertise that they assume all liability if taxes are not handled correctly.  This is a beneficial advantage.

The fact that ePayroll is paperless is a huge benefit in several ways.  Besides not having to deal with printing and distributing checks anymore, your employees do not need to worry about depositing the check.  Some employees on payday may take time to leave work to deposit their check before the bank closes so that they can have the money in their account in time to pay the mortgage.  With online payroll, their checks are directly deposited and they never have to make a trip to the bank and they never lose their checks.  Furthermore, paperless payroll means you no longer have to keep payroll records in your office.  Many ePayroll services keep payroll records online and provide your employees secure access to their payroll information.  This means that employees will no longer need to come to you to get payslip records when they apply for a loan or a lease.  They can simply login to their account online and access all their payroll records.  If they need to change their withholding, they can do this online as well.  All of these benefits will increases your business's productivity and profit margin and you should check with your payroll service to see if they offer these features.

An online payroll service is a great solution for paying employees that work offsite.  It will be no hassle to pay the employees who are on  road trips or work remotely.  Furthermore, if you have employees that work in a different state, determining state taxes can be a daunting task.  As mentioned previously, with a third party managing your payroll this is no longer an issue.

ePayroll services will greatly reduce the work done by you and your office staff.  Let specialist with great technological advantages handle your payroll.  Also, be sure to learn more on our other pages for more information on how to find an online payroll service and more.


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