ePayroll Features

ePayroll online payroll services can have many advantageous features from complex handling of 401k and tax filings to simply providing direct deposit service.  Be sure to become familiar with the available features to help you pick an online payroll service that is right for your business.

Direct deposit is one of the most standard online payroll feature.  Instead of your business having to print and distribute paper checks, direct deposit allows your employees payroll to be automatically deposited into their bank account.  If this is the only feature you are after, it may not be necessary to pay for an online payroll service.  You may be able obtain the ability to make direct deposits through your bank or ACH provider.

Tax filing is a great feature many ePayroll services offer.  With this feature they take care of filling payroll taxes.  This can be for local, state, and federal taxes.  If you are going to use this feature, be sure to use a provider that guarantees accuracy of filings and assumes liability in case of an inaccurate filing.

W-2 services mean that you no longer have to prepare W-2s for your employees at the end of the year.  With this feature your online payroll services prepares them for you.  Furthermore, W-2s are kept by the payroll service so your employees in many cases can go to the payroll provider to change their withholding throughout the year instead of bothering you or your bookkeeper.

1099 contractors can be a hassle to pay and keeping up with 1099s can a headache if you use independent contractors.  Many payroll services take care of this for you in addition to paying your regular W-2 employees.

New employee paperwork can often be taken care of by payroll services.  This means you no longer have to worry about getting the right paperwork completed when you hire someone.  The online payroll service can take care of it getting the right paperwork completed and submitting it to the right agencies.

New hire verification is an issue especially with the increase concern about illegal immigration and illegal workers.  If you desire, some payroll services can do background checks and check worker status for new hires.

Vacation and sick days records are kept by online payroll services.  In many cases, your employees will be able to check an online portal to see how many days they have remaining.

Non-tax payroll deductions can be significantly troublesome to keep up with.  This can range from 401k contributions to paying child support to court enforced judgements.  Many online payroll services can handle this for you and again your employees can often deal directly with the payroll service when it comes to issues about deductions.

Bookkeeping integration is an important feature.  The most common bookkeeping software is QuickbBooks and many online payroll services integrate with Quickbooks.  Some also integrate with other bookkeeping programs.